Monday, November 30, 2009

a thankful thanksgiving

i returned last night from a fun filled long holiday weekend in georgetown at my parent's house. i wish it didn't have to end! here are some highlights of my time home...

food i cooked for the thanksgiving meal
homemade stuffing
whiskey carrots
buttermilk sponge cake with maple raspberries...yum!!

my dad and i bought "crackers" for after dinner at the british store in freeport. each cracker had a crown, joke and toy inside!

my sister, maggie, and her boyfriend, john

it was great to have the time to snap some photos of holiday and winter scenes around town. here are a few that especially make me happy

being home again made me realize how much i love my family and how appreciative i am for my parents, mama and papa a.

xo, K

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  1. You're a really great photographer! I love the one of the cross in the cemetery.