Monday, December 14, 2009

st lucia day holiday tea

this was my first year hosting a st. lucia day tea. i have wanted to do this for some time. st lucia is an italian saint who helped christians hiding in the catacombs in 300 AD. she brought them supplies at night, and because her hands were so full, she attached candles to a wreath and placed it on her head. the day is commonly celebrated in sweden and other scandanavian countries on december 13th.

here are some photos of my tea!

the invitations i created and mailed to friends

what we had for food and drink

home made holiday bark

old and new tea cups

the table with the tea cups. i printed out flags from sweden, denmark, finland and norway and made garland to spruce up the table.

the christmas tree with the dala horses i sewed and gave as favors with my friend's christmas cards.

my anthropology slate coasters people wrote messages on

only one more week until christmas! hope you are getting your shopping done!
xo, K

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